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Lacks Creek Management Area Mountain Bike Trails 01-14-16

Lacks Creek East Side Trails

Expert/Open/Pro will race stages 1 through 5. All other categories will only  race Stages 2 through 5 in order.

Expert/Open/Pro categories will climb approximately 3,500 feet in 19 miles and all other categories will climb approximately 2,800 feet in 15 miles. Total racing time for 5 stages expected to be 24+ minutes.

Stage 1 Pro/Expert only: Chutes

*full face required with convenient helmet trade off between stages.

0.6 miles; 679 ft of elevation loss

stage 1 profile

Stage 2: Stormy Saddle

0.9 miles; 388 of elevation loss

stage 2 (ss) profile

Stage 3: Tomfoolery

2.6 miles; 851 of elevation loss

stage 2 profile

Stage 4: Lacks Mountain plus a section of Punchbowl

0.8 miles; 344 of elevation loss

stage 4 profile

Stage 5: Hot Lap (aka Jump Trail) plus a section of Runaround

0.7 miles; 112 of elevation loss

stage 5 profile