Lacks Creek Trail System



The Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association (RCMBA) will be hosting a one day mountain bike stage race on July 29, 2017. The event will be taking place in the Lacks Creek Management Area, featuring purpose built trails developed through a public, private, and non-profit partnership between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the State of California Natural Resources Agency, the Humboldt Trails Council and their contractors Fogline Trail Systems, Greenway Partners, and the RCMBA. This partnership has produced a true tourist attraction for mountain bikers and we believe this event will help promote both the trail system and Humboldt County as a destination for mountain bike enthusiasts from around the country.

Expect superb scenery with fast and fun trails through Oak Prairies and Old Growth Fir forests, moderately difficult and punchy climbs, some steep technical sections and lots of fast, tree-dodging singletrack.


Need To Know

Directional signage is not yet installed, but the trail system does not have many trail junctions so a general sense of your location and the map will usually do. There are now BLM paddles at all trailheads. There is no water on site, and no services within an hour’s drive, so be prepared. Cell phone coverage is spotty but it exists on most of the system.

Currently, the start point for the trail system is off of Pine Ridge Road, which is where race headquarters will be located. Take it from the Lacks Creek road junction where the kiosk is located, following signs and marshals. Drive up Pine Ridge road until you are directed to a parking area near race headquarters. The race headquarters area is an excellent central location for riding the system, with views to the ocean for post ride hanging out and convenient jump trail sessions.


No motorized vehicles on singletrack trails.

History & Background

Most of this property was recently acquired by BLM after being heavily logged over the last 40-50 years. BLM has been working hard to reclaim historic Oak prairies that had been encroached upon by Fir forests. Evidence of this work and fuels thinning projects can be seen throughout the area.



The Redwood Coast Mountain Bike Association is the central group in the Humboldt mountain biking community. In cooperation with private, public, and volunteer groups, the RCMBA has been active in providing support and trail advocacy in the area. They proudly present this second annual event.